Monday, December 11, 2006

Hack Round-up

Hello Readers,

Well, I had no new ideas (except for a few which require CSS knowledge) so I have no new hacks of my own as of now. However, this post points to some good hacks/add-ons/template mods that I have seen in the neighborhood recently:

1. Hacked Son of Moto template by Deniz of imessengr.
2. Adsense beside your posts in blogger beta by Deniz of imessengr.
3. Adsense between the posts (adding adsense directly to the beta template) by Loui$$ of Blogging No Secret.
4. Template theme switcher (and tutorial to host Blogger Beta CSS externally) and hacked Blogger templates with this functionality (inbuilt) by PurpleMoggy.

In addition, I have found my interaction with Deniz and posts from "Blogging Secret" very informative with reference to Adsense related tips (especially for Blogger Beta).

BTW this post is done directly from a nice but nifty Firefox extension called Performancing. I really like their idea/design and concept, especially because I am yet to see my first post from Google Docs appear on my test blog.


LOUI$$ said...

Wow.........nice one man,thanks for sharing!

LOUI$$ said...

Bro,i have another question to ask,how do you do the submenu of "more links" underline like dot dot?can you teach me?where to put the css?thanks!

Vivek Sanghi said...

Thanks for stopping by. I do not understand your question properly. I think you are referrring to the linklist drop-down. I got it from I picked up the code from its page source. You can check out my CSS here and the javascript here to learn more. In case its not clear just Email me and I guess Purplemoggy has a tutorial on this. Just search that blog as well. Cheers!

LOUI$$ said...

Thanks bro, i have already request and done it!And now i found out now a new way to put adsense!

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