Thursday, December 14, 2006

Google page creator: headache

Google's Page Creator software is seriously pissing me off:

I hope I don't end up breaking my monitor, keyboard or mouse the next time I see this:

BTW Google should hire someone who has written error messages for Microsoft :)) Coz: "oops! I don't like your error messages". Better still don't give me the donuts, just get the page working. Just a thought (pun intended)

Update: Page creator behaves much better after I turned off the experimental features.


Arpit said...

Hard luck man.. i dont think google page creator is that dumb..

Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello Arpit. I want to think that Google page creator is good coz I personally like Google and their products. But with the experimental features on, 9 out of 10 times it throws up that "oops" error when I try uploading some file. Maybe I am having too many bad days with page creator or its plain luck coz enabling experimental features should not mean almost total loss of usability. However, I have turned experimental features off for now and file upload is working fine after that.

Arpit said...

So what comes out in the end is:
Moral of the story
Turn experimental features off while working with Google pager creator :P

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