Saturday, August 26, 2006

Google Sketchup

Google does not stop fascinating me! Was checking out Google labs the other day, when I came across this software called Google Sketchup. It is a 3D-design software which is fairly powerful yet very simple and easy to use. And as usual (with Google) there is one version which is available for free.

I downloaded the software and the tutorials were easy to follow. I finished them in a jiffy. As I had no 3D-idead to put on screen I just created a model of our television cupboard that we got recently done. Though the fine wood carvings cannot be reproduced in this software, what ever I could make of the cupboard was fairly good I guess.

Other than that I also made a crazy skyscraper. Crazy coz every thing in it is round :-). I am sure it will be hell of a challenge for architects to created a skyscraper of that sort in real world ;-) For more about this software check out Google Sketchup


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