Friday, August 25, 2006

Our scum on orkut too

Many of you who are using the social networking system called orkut might have seen the plethora of disgusting communities created by Indians and Pakistanis. These communities abuse countries, cultures, religious beliefs and gods.

Like unrelenting insolent fools we have carried our lamenting disgust and hatred to a social networking site like orkut to display to the world the height of our foolishness, religious fundamentalism and uncivilized animal side.

I wish that all such people get a chance to confront each other, so that they fight and kill and realize that this hatred is nonsense and inconsequential. I am not a universalist or some thing but yeah I definitely believe in toleration. First: religions were made for man and man was not made for religion. Second: religions were formed to give a direction to the civilization and beings. Our motive should be to work for the improvement of the less privileged people and as a whole try to evolve into a more advanced and relatively superior society than we are at present. As I have always thought, if god exists then our motive here is to work towards knowing the mind of god (based on the concept of Stephen Hawking) rather than abuse and kill in its name. This requires that we rise above these unimportant quarrels and try to become some thing in life rather than waste our time creating hate communities on orkut.

Get a life guys!


Ramani said...

well said, vivek.

Vivek Sanghi said...

thanks :)

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