Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tamed rounders template now hacked and downloadable

Hello all,

Deniz of imessengr has taken the three column rounders template and hacked it to include most of the popular hacks currently available for the new Blogger. He has done this for all the variants of rounders that are available on Blogger.

Visit here to download this template and install it in your blog.


Aditya Rao said...

hiiiiiii im in DEEEEP trouble..
:( :( :(
I was trying out some of your hacks, and I dunno wat hppnd!! (I do always download a backup of my template)

# IN dat particular blog, d SIDEBAR has gone away..!!

# ITs dere in my oder/new blogs.

# I can actually see (or feel), the profile links (and oder widgets if I add them) on the bottom right of d page.! It's just invisble. :O

# I hv tried everything, uplaodig my previous downlaoded templates, changing it with some new default templates..but it still remains the same..!!! NO SIDEBAR, no matter wat d template is..

# If I visit one of my post pages, the side bar appears.!!

I knw i sound like some whiner..but that blog was very personal to me, and it luks yuk rite now.. PLZZZ help me out...

thnking in advance,

Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello Aditya. I checked the link you gave me and could not understand the problem you are facing. I can see the sidebar on the main page as well. I am using Firefox 2. Why don't you take some time and write a detailed Email listing the problems and what you want. I will reply with solutions and suggestions. Better Still the three column rounders I have mentioned here has all the hacks included. You might want to use it directly. Cheers!

The Bizarre Jokester said...

nice blog! keep up the good work!

merry christmas to you too! may this day bring you lots and lots of joy and happiness!


Vivek Sanghi said...

Thank you for the wishes, Jokester. I wish you the Same. :)

protesto said...

Thisaway template is ready ;)

Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello protesto. it looks gr8. I will post about it the next time I blog.

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