Sunday, December 31, 2006

More hackers now on the 'new blogger' hacking scene

Hello Readers,

Life has been very busy for me in the last couple of weeks and therefore I have not been posting any new hacks or code. However, the the hacking scene has not gone cold. Lots of stuff has been happening in the blogger hacking space.

1. You might have looked at Ramani's lightining fast Neo template. If not check it out here.

2. Classic Blogger's favorite hacker, Aditya of last word has moved to the new blogger and is now making hack for the new platform. Check out his page here (looks great!).

3. Deepak of Blogger Hacked is spinning out quality Ajax based hacks also displaying strong coding skills. I highly recommend checking out his hacks.

That's what I have noticed recently. Hope this keeps you busy for sometime! Happy hacking and a very happy 2007.


Aditya said...

Thank you for the nice words! :) I don't know so much about the 'favourite' part though! :P Hehe!

Thanks for the link as well! Keep visiting :)

Vivek Sanghi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Aditya :)

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