Sunday, October 01, 2006

Extension to a Social Bookmarking hack

Hello all,

This is an extension to Han’s hack on social bookmarking links. Please view the original hack here.

Working on Hans’s original hack, I have added a few more Social bookmarking links to it and also made changes to its JavaScript code (that goes into the head section of the template).

The links and the JavaScript (js) code are in one text file that can be downloaded from here. If you are already using Han’s hack, and wish to add more links to it, replace the original js code with the one that I have provided in the text file.

Code to be replaced:

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

If you require any help, please let me know.


Skanky Jane said...

I really appreciated the information you posted Vivek re the social bookmark chicklet (I think that is what it is called!) whereby I now have a little icon that, when clicked by my readers, provides whole shebang of bookmarking sites - from Digg to Magnolia, Delicious to Netscape and Wink to Redditt. I like this - it's neater than listing the sites one by one - and (although I wish the icon were a little smaller and/or customisable) very convenient. I'm also using Feedburners Post Footer Flare - this combo is working really well for me!

So cheers big ears!

SJ xx

Skanky Jane said...


The "New Look' Stubborn Fanatic is a much improved visual experience. Good job!

SJ xx

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