Friday, October 06, 2006

Blogger template anatomy (non-beta bloggers)

Hello readers,

I was browsing through instabloke and in it I came across a link which contains a very good explanation of a non beta blogger template. If one wishes to learn blog hacking, one must know thy template well. I recommend you go through this article to learn more.

The writer(s) have actually use a picture of a sample blog and provided each section of the blog with its relevant CSS and HTML code. In addition, I also like their blog's design and certain page elements. Good work done by the author(s)!


Hiren said...

Blogger beta has a lot of improved features. Wish it was possible to chage tempelates in wordpress as well.

Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello Hiren. That's true. Blogger has really come off age with their beta thinggy and then providing the flexibillity to edit the template's HTML. It makes blogging so much fun. I had never dreamt of learning HTML and stuff until I started blogging in beta.

If wordpress can provide the template editing functionality inhouse, then it can be a force to reckon with, coz most of the blogger beta features appear to have come from wordpress.

Armenians 1915 said...

I had so much conversion problems with layout section of the new blogger like tables etc I had on my template, I have just changed back to classic until sort out all the issues I have had.

Here's a classic template related question in the new blogger:

I wonder if you can help, since you surely very competent on the subject:

How can I combine the following in the new blogger please:

classic template: archives: drop down menu: listing by Title - newest at the top

All the best

Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello Armenians 1915. As I understand, you want to have

archives: drop down menu: listing by Title - newest at the top

in the new Blogger. If you want to have this in the classic blogger, you might want to search blogger hacks WIKI. I don't make hacks for the Classic template (as eventually everyone has to shift to the new Blogger) and this hack has probably been made by someone else before.

However, if you want this in the new blogger, there is no hack required as it is present by default. Check this image to see what an edited archives widget offers in the new blogger.

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