Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hack updates

Hello all,

Here is your round of hack updates which covers recently introduced new hacks for blogger beta.

1. Expandable/collapsible post with Peek-a-boo style (updated to Super peek-a-boo)

Ramani has come out with another hack where in users can provide their reader with a summary view of their post and a peek-a-boo style link to view the rest of the post. This is a very good hack for people like me who use one blog for publishing hacks, writing musings, diary notes, book reviews etc. And it also allows one to display more number of posts on the main page with out making the posts section super long.

Update (Sep 22):Ramani and Hans of beutiful beta have jointly developed a modified version of this hack (super peek-a-boo) which allows one to have expand/collapse post feature and skip offering this functionality where they don't want it. You can down the hack from hackosphere or beautiful beta. A non-beta implementation is also available on their blogs.

2. Hoctro's hacks

Talking of flexibility, Hoctro has been doing wonders. He has brought out a series of hacks on blog navigation and template design. I highly recommend you check out his recent hacks like:

a. Creating a Table of Contents
b. Yahoo-ui-libraries for blogger beta
c. Adding breadcrumbs navigation

3. Bloggeratto's updates

For more hack updates please visit Avatar's bloggeratto. Also, Avatar plans to announce a hack on how to auto-hide the navbar in blogger beta. So stay tuned to bloggeratto.


Hans said...

Hi Vivek, great summary of hot hacks! I'll post a link to it.

I see you implemented my collapsable peekaboo posts hack. I took ramani's .js-file as a basis, and wrote a new js-function to collapse the posts. Basically it's all the same, but it might be a good idea to combine stuff in one .js-scriptfile.


Vivek Sanghi said...

Thanks hans.

Avatar said...

The Hovering Peek-A-Boo Blogger Navbar has been released for Blogger v3.0 and the pure CSS version option for Blogger v2.0 was also added:

Blogger v3.0 (the new Blogger)


Blogger v2.0 (The Now Classic Blogger)


Vivek Sanghi said...

Thanks Avatar. Good stuff!

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