Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cluster maps finally

Yesterday, I was finally able to secure a clustermaps account for this blog. The registration service was blocked for a long time and I did not know any one who would invite me. However, they have reopened the registrations for now and those who wish to use this service, your time is now.

Clustermaps is a free online service that allows a website/blog to display the locations in the world from where its visitors hail. It is very popular and a cool service in my opinion. If you have a reasonable reader base, why not show-off :)). This service is a purely cosmetic add-on if you use Google Analytics to track your website traffic.

I do not recommend using this service if most of your website’s readers are from one small region or if your website is heavily loaded with scripts/flash as this thing will affect the page-load time of your site by a pretty good number.


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