Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dance Bars Reopened

It is good to know that the dance bars have been reopened. I think this was a quality and realistic decision by our judicial system which otherwise resorts to utterly failed attempts at moral policing and cultural conditioning of the masses (not to forget the role of the polity in pushing the judiciary).

Whether the dance bars are open or closed, the prostitution business will not be largely affected. Nor will anybody be able to stop the girls working there from getting into prostitution because the system lacks that ability. Moreover it is the men who run the system and it also the men who indirectly run these dance bars and prostitution. Prostitution is one of the most organized businesses in our country (put some of the big players on test and they might just get an ISO 9000 or other such certification) and only lacks a legal sanction.

It will be impossible to remove it from our society because it’s the society that created it in the first place. How can I say this? A few months ago there was a report on NDTV about nude dance shows in the elite class hotels of pondicherry. They were worst when compared to those dance bars. The hordes of men who were visiting such shows were not criminals or anti-social elements but the rich, well-to-do and the middle class people who wanted to relax after a day's hard work. I am sure that it these men are asked on camera about prostitution or dance bars they will despise it and talk about how it’s a cancer to the society.

So here is the society some of us want to civilize by closing the dance bars. Ok close the dance bars and these girls will be forced to go to the private parties that many such men have on their farm houses and there the risk will much higher (if you know what I am talking about). How many places are you going to go and how many dance shows will you shut down? What media is showing is just a tip of the iceberg.

Do you think that when dance bars were closed, there were no dace bars operating out there? NO. There were definitely a few dance bars open and working as usual. Needless to say, they were able to exploit the loop-holes in our system and were undetected or may be intentionally over-looked by the keepers of law (police).

What alternatives do we have for the employment of those girls who will otherwise be unemployed if the dance bars are permanently closed. We are not able to satisfy the employment needs of the educated section itself (of which some dance bars girls may also be a part), set aside the hundreds those girls.

Government is a big joke. It’s all on papers and nothing in practical. Of the people who visit these bars there are many people from the government also. Criminals....government is full of them and most of them create all the nonsense than happens outside these dance bars, if at all.

Looking at the bigger picture, I do not think anyone is to be blamed. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and dance shows are not far behind. It is the biological make-up and psyche of man and frankly nothing can be done about it. The arms of law are long and iron but it is after all, blind. Even if you close the bars the show will go on.

I recommend that let the dance bars be, go ahead and legalize prostitution ss well so that some sort of order can be brought into this business and people don't have to be hypocrites. Not to forget the revenue government can make by way of taxes from all those people who are getting richer by the day from such businesses.


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Vivek Sanghi said...

Hello Krishna. You posted "required". Could you elaborate a little more on your views.

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