Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reservation Issue: After a long time some thing comes from my heart

I was browsing through CL's website (www.careerlauncher.com) and found that they have a discussion board for various topics under the sun. I found a topic on the recent announcement by the government to hike the reservation quota and I jumped in and posted this:


I infer from the Ancient Texts that Ekalavya was denied the claim to fame by biased Dhrona because he was from a backward caste. According to Dhrona, Arjun was "meant" to become the greatest Archer in the world and he ensured that by asking for Ekalavya's thumb as Guru Dakshina.

The immemorial texts clearly show how this concept of caste system has been ruining us since a long time. I strongly believe that powerful measures should be taken to remove this cancer from our society and abolish caste system and reservations based on it. For those who think that we do not practice caste system, please note that I think that allocation of seats or quotas based on caste system means belief in and practice of caste system.

In the previous paragraph I have mentioned "Powerful measures". By this I mean measures that change the mindset of the people and bring all sections of the society at par without doing injustice to any. I do not think that our current political system is capable of doing this. It is all about vote bank and keeping some people happy at the cost of others.

I believe that even if the right person is empowered to do the job, he or she will be unable to perform his or her duties honestly because their primary worry will be securing their position or making the best of it for their personal life before they loose it. Our politicians try to secure short-term gains, sympathy and votes by announcing such flimsy policies as increase in reservation.

I am not sure about this but I had read some where that the drafters of our constitution had introduced reservation/ quota system to ensure that all sections of the society come at par with each other. They expected this system to be abolished as soon as that would happen. The expected date for this was 1980 or so. However, from what I know, the efforts to bring all sections of the society on a level playing field have been dismal. Instead formidable efforts (like reservations etc) are being put in to divide, subdivide, polarize and destroy the very foundations of our already crippling society (in terms of human development index).

I know very few of you will like this, but I think that democracy is the culprit. If we take away the democracy from the people and empower Mr. or Ms “Right”, things will be fine.

Why do I say this? Because I think that every such move or announcement by our politicians, when it polarizes the society, pushes it one step closer to a civil war.


I have written out my mind and I have lots of thoughts regarding this that branch out over a broad range of topics but this is not the time to discuss them. As my friend had once said:

No one will listen to you even if you are right but have been a non achiever.


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